Essays on mystics james finley

essays on mystics james finley

the practitioner listens with a motionless mind to the ringing of the bell the bell will pull it up stage by stage to the supreme being and then the soul will get eveything. In double troth known to both comes forth from them the Holy Ghost, I guess means that when he first contacts the spirit at the eyecenter it both light and sound - a double troth flow from it to the aspiring soul. Part One (Episode 33) if you havent already done. First of all, I think it is helpful in reading the teachings of the mystics to realize that the subject matter of the text is your own subjectivity. This practice today is generally referred to a surat shabd yoga and I believe that there are surat shabd yogis that have written very lucid articles on Meister Eckhart in the science of the soul magazine (around 1985 when was published in UK and Willaim. I think of it as the literal having periods in the day, intermittently, and sometimes theyre long, and sometimes theyre not, of having literal quiet. Its right there in my face. How are tears, and moaning, and dancing, and lament, essential to contemplation especially among those persons and communities who experience oppression? Reading the Mystics, id like to share with you some insights Ive had lately that will hopefully help you in reading the classical texts of the mystics. In fact, our working lives have everything to gain if the workplace could become more hospitable to silence and related mindfulness practices.

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essays on mystics james finley

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Palmer, Let Your Life Speak Parker. Palmer He shares early memories of silence from solitary hours in childhood spent reading and building model airplanes and then muses on how silence accompanied his adult life as a social activist, community organizer, and Quaker educator. As you inhale you listen to God saying. What does it mean to be silent during the electric crackle of a late afternoon thunderstorm? James is attuned to the pedagogy of the mystics and invites us to a different kind of reading.

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essays on mystics james finley

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