Gene outka thesis on agape

gene outka thesis on agape

that it is excellent; in fact, it is probably the very best. It also explores agape in Anders Nygren and Gene Outka, arguing that self-interest and altruism can co-exist with care for the self and the other in a relational framework without detriment. Both Roman Catholic and Protestant writings are considered, including those of D'Arcy, Niebuhr, Ramsey, Tillich, and above the pursuit of happiness power of film essay all, Karl Barth. See The Uti / Frui Distinction in Augustines Ethics, Augustinian Studies 14 (1983). Lance Garrard, The Philosophy and Theology of Anders Nygren,.

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gene outka thesis on agape

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On the lively introductions for essays antimetaphysical approach of his thought generally, see Nygren Intellectual Autobiography, 12-16; and Hall, Anders Nygren 35, 44, 53-54, 113, 210. Yet an empty metaphysic is a metaphysic nonetheless. Agape and Eros, when Nygren tabulated the differences between the two motifs, he wrote that Eros is primarily mans love; God is the object of Eros. Even when it is attributed to man, Agape is patterned on Divine love. Anders Nygren, Agape and Eros: The Christian Idea of Love, revised, retranslated by Philip. It is simply not there. Guder, Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 1983 J√ľngel allowed for a certain entirely proper distinction between the eros-structure of love and the agape structure of love but argued that the I-Thou relationship of actual lovers breaks down that distinction because it utterly transforms having' itself (p. Chapter three analyses whether paid surrogacy commodifies, exploits and coerces the participants.

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