I was only 19 analytical essay

i was only 19 analytical essay

It was four years after the release of I was only 19 and 15 years after Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war ended. Mr Storen's story had made the song real.

He had been badly wounded in the same incident that killed Hines, and in January 1983, Schumann went to visit Hunt at his home in Bega. In 1992, Kent back calculated chart positions for 19701974. I knocked on the door, and I dont think he was very impressed, Schumann said. Storen brought with him a carton of beer and a small cardboard box containing his Vietnam memorabilia photographs, slides, a couple of badges, a map and a few bits and pieces. It really was a case of, there but for the grace of God go I, he said. "It was just incredible Schumann said.

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