E-commerce business model thesis

e-commerce business model thesis

On, Tell Us What You Think! Pinturas Every for example is now on the World Wide Web and has been doing business in countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Costa Rica. The E- commerce process includes some basic selling catches such as: Electronic presentation of goods and services. Purveyors of products such as computer systems and office supplies allow small business owners to make purchases without having to visit a physical location. These include This isnt for commitment-phobic businesses as goods once manufactured belong to the business Businesses have to develop a process to monitor and maintain quality control How To Start white-labelling Business? A classic example of this is Nike, which has made their direct channel (their company website) a top business priority and expects it to be one of their largest revenue segments by 2020. Examples include standard retail eCommerce stores, social shopping websites, etc.

The differentiating characteristic of this platform is that the seller is also the consumer of other products. Consumer - to - Consumer. With appearance of e-commerce new market and business concepts arose in the worlds economy, such as Business to Business Electronic Commerce (B2B EC that is the use of private networks on the Internet to automate business transactions between companies. Also very important becomes the easier way of comparing one product with the other and one price with the other, which makes competition stronger and more price oriented, just with a click and in minutes you can browse through the web pages of different manufacturers. ECommerce Revenue Model The front end of the business is as important as the back end.

The auctioning company makes profit from the commissions of each transaction that are pre-established. Like serial numbers on real dollar bills, the digital cash numbers are unique identifiers carrying a given value, while each one is issued by a participating bank and represents a specified sum of real money.

Consumer - to - Business (C2B). Insurers say that E-commerce diverges from traditional commerce in two significant ways. Both types of business have used the Internet to deliver some goods, such as music and software, and services, such as banking and entertainment. Brands are on the other end of the spectrum from marketplaces they have the most focused selection, highest level of customized experience, and strongest connection with the customer. . The ratio of lifetime value to acquisition cost will largely be a function of Return On Ad Spend (roas (Return on Ad Spend)roas (Return on Ad Spend) is an important eCommerce metric. C2B e-commerce usually includes freelance services and specialized products.

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