Nursing discipline and concentration essay

nursing discipline and concentration essay

society in nursing, nurses are expected to constantly evaluate existing practices, review any additions and also engage in professional development through involvement in research to develop nursing. American Association of Colleges of Nursing Issue Bulletin ( 2008a ) reported that accelerated students excel in class and that employers prize these graduates. Theories also serve as a tool and aid in observation and discovery, and theories have been viewed as a goal aid in description and prediction (Meleis, 2012.32).

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Recognizing the existence of these already developed skills and their transferability to the practice of nursing provides an opportunity to truly accelerate the course of study. From their inquiry they proposed a central unifying focus for the discipline of nursing facilitating humanization, meaning, choice, quality of life, healing and dying. People choose a career for many reasons. This category addressed an internal feeling of the individual. The design of an accelerated second degree program of study is not just a faster version of the traditional program of study, but rather a unique program of study that recognizes and values the previous education, experience, knowledge, and abilities the second degree students bring. However, our patient population varies so much, such that patients come into theatres from wards where certain nursing models such as Orems self-care model are practiced. Introduction, mcCurry et al (2009) discussed the disciplinary perspective in nursing using the individual good and social mandate of nursing. A recent projection by workforce analysts has indicated that the current shortfall in the number of nurses needed to provide care in the United States (US) is expected to increase to more than 500,000 by the year 2025 (.

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