Essay about somatic cell cloning using

essay about somatic cell cloning using

identical individual is called the clone and could be produced by nuclear show more content, kass argues this would be dehumanizing and with such procreation dehumanized to manufacture it would be further degraded by commodification. Over the past decade, advances in the field of cloning have allowed for the possibility of human cloning. This would save the body wear in accepting a new organ, and provide a higher success rate in organ transplanting.

essay about somatic cell cloning using

Bioethics, advisory, board to address the ethical and legal issues surrounding human cloning within three months. Show More, cloning (asexual reproduction) is the production of individuals who are genetically identical to an already existing individual. Virtually no parent is going to be able to treat a clone of himself or herself as one treats a child generated by the lottery of sex. This could lead to a human race of?perfect? Next, they, introduce a nucleus obtained from a specialized (somatic) cell of an adult organism. T been any big thing. By coordinating the cell cycles of the donor somatic nucleus and using immature unfertilized eggs, the newly fertilized oocytes were able to divide and develop beyond the stage of the blastocyst (Lewis 2001). A black market of stolen sells would most likely be created to sell cells. Since they were able to determine which stage the nuclei were from, the nuclei used to create the fertilized oocytes were in the proper phase of the cell cycle as to promote growth and development (Chye 2001). Shortly afterwards, about 64,000 biologists signed a voluntary five year moratorium on human cloning. Cloning has proven to be useful in several areas of science, improving scientists' understanding of the functions of genes and the cell cycle.

Such commodification is almost certainly a result of allowing baby making to proceed under the banner of commerce. Another plus, is you can choose your personal qualities with this method of fertilization. In addition, scientists are on the path toward using cloning in order to create organs, tissues, and other technologies useful for the treatment of humans with serious diseases. The list goes on, including regeneration of human tissue, research into obesity and why it affects some, and maybe even find a way to get rid of it, and scientists could use embryo splitting to get rid of genetic diseases.