Bright future of pakistan essay in english

bright future of pakistan essay in english

insurance companies in all. There are three other major reasons for the energy crises. Popular Essays Become a StudyMode Member Sign Up - It's Free). It helps enrich ones culture as well as risks invasion by others cultures. Hardly has any government taken an action against a corrupt journalist or a media organisation. Today, when the world has become a global village, free media enriches and spreads a nations culture around the world, yet, simultaneously, the channels also allow invasion of other cultures. His successors dedicated their efforts to perpetuate their rule showing little concern to democratic development. The existential dilemma appears to be that while Pakistan is not a failed state, if an ill-governed one, it has since its birth been a failing nation. Access to uncensored information helps educate the masses regarding important societal issues.

How can the image of the future help us better understand and change today? Over the years, the fatalism enjoined by Islam has been underwritten by a more pragmatic mechanism, which has offered various degrees of financial protection - on the assumption that whereas it may be advisable to submit unquestionably to the will of God, one should not. In Jhutha Sach (The False Truth, 19581960 novelist Yashpal encapsules the status of Muslims in a dialogue between two Hindu ladies talking to each other about seeing a Muslim vegetable vendor in the inner city, one says, these are the people who will rule. Some students go green india essay will probably get a job, live independently from their parents and not worry about doing school work anymore. Second; freedom without responsibility leads to creation of sensationalism. Expansion of media is also responsible for providing the people with up-to-date communication facilities. Last but not least; huge profits in the media sector have given rise to commercialisation. People never questioned actions of the government the way they do now. While our own corrupt government takes a toll and corrupts our society, where people try to weed out corruption. The seven local companies have 47 years later become 42, and might have been more had 32 of them not been nationalised on March 18, 1972, when their life insurance business was brought into the public sector, and consolidated under the aegis of the State.

Bright, future of, pakistan - Research Paper by Khanjanan123

bright future of pakistan essay in english

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