Biographies autobiographies

biographies autobiographies

2005 Dirk Benedict Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy 2005 Jane Fonda My my only wish essay Life So Far, AKA Working It Out 2005 Tab Hunter TH Confidential: the Making. 1995 Charlton Heston In the Arena 1995 Garry Marshall Wake Me When It's Funny 1995 Mary Tyler Moore After All 1995 Leonard Nimoy I Am Spock 1995 Anthony Quinn One Man Tango 1995 Burt Ward Boy Wonder: My Life In Tights 1995 Claire Bloom Leaving. Coetzee Boyhood: Scenes from Provincial Life 1997 René Galand War Hento an Tremened 2002 Amos Oz A Tale of Love and Darkness 2002 Gay Talese A Writer's Life 2006 Roald Dahl More About Boy (published posthumously) 2008 Jacqueline Wilson Jacky Daydream My Secret Diary 2008. Charlotte Charke (Youngest Daughter of Colley Cibber, Esq 1755 Elizabeth Ashbridge Some Account of the Fore Part of the Life of Elizabeth Ashbridge 1755 Voltaire Mémoires pour servir à la vie. 1993 Jeremy Lloyd Listen Very Carefully, I Shall Say This Only Once 1993.

Chesterton The Autobiography.K. What says our author about "biography, autobiography, and history?". Grant 1885 Manfred von Richthofen The Red Baron (Der rote Kampfflieger) 1917 Heinz Guderian Panzer Leader 1950 Music Elsa Reger Mein Leben mit und für Max Reger (My life with and for Max Reger ) 1930 Billie Holiday Lady Sings the Blues 1956 Pablo Casals. He sat down to write his new book which was, in a way, an autobiography. Hulanicki was the subject of a 2009 documentary, Beyond Biba, based on her 2007 autobiography From A to Biba. Click here, workaround to expand sticky correctly.

Kaltenborn Fifty Fabulous Years 1950. 2013 Bill Allen My RAD Career 2014 Cary Elwes As You Wish 2014 Danielle Fishel Normally, This Would Be Cause For Concern: Tales of Calamity and Unrelenting Awkwardness 2014 Jennie Garth Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde 2014 Ron Perlman Easy Street, the Hard Way. Top Non-Secret 2012 Rudolf Peierls Bird of Passage: Recollections of a Physicist 2014 Politics Marcus Aurelius Meditations 175 Manuel Belgrano Autobiography of Manuel Belgrano 1814 Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave 1845 Frederick Douglass My Bondage and My Freedom. Fisher Last House: Reflections, Dreams and Observations Alan Sillitoe Life Without Armour 1995 Luciano Pavarotti My World 1995 Gore Vidal Palimpsest: A Memoir 1995 Mary Karr The Liars' Club 1995 Margaret Thatcher The Path to Power 1995 Frank McCourt Angela's Ashes 1996 Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Hardy A Mathematician's Apology 1940 Norbert Wiener I Am a Mathematician 1964 Bertrand Russell Autobiography 1967 Freeman Dyson Disturbing the Universe 1979 Paul Halmos I Want to be a Mathematician: An Automathography 1985 Stanislaw Ulam Adventures of a Mathematician 1991 André can a one sentence paragraph be the thesis Weil The Apprenticeship. Related formsautobiographer, noun m Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc. 2016 Peter Engel I Was Saved by the Bell: Stories of Life, Love, and Dreams that Indeed Came True 2016 Joel Grey Master of Ceremonies 2016 Kathy Coleman Run, Holly! Fisher To Begin Again: Stories and Memoirs Chang Jung Wild Swans 1992 Mario Vargas Llosa A Fish in the Water 1993 Margaret Thatcher The Downing Street Years 1993 Blake Morrison And When Did You Last See Your Father? Milne It's Too Late Now 1939. A history of a person's life written or told by that person. Chaudhuri The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian 1951 Christy Brown My Left Foot 1954 Elie Wiesel Night 1955 Mary McCarthy Memories of a Catholic Girlhood 1957 Mary McCarthy How I Grew 1987.