Puoi migliorare questa voce aggiungendo citazioni da fonti attendibili secondo le linee guida sull’uso delle fonti. Charging the Battery Pack The battery begins to charge automatically as soon as you attach the modem to the battery pack and connect the 15VDC power supply to the back panel of the modem. How many telephones can I connect? Slip the large end of both mounting slots located in the back of the battery pack over the mounting screws, then slide the battery pack down until the narrow end of the keyhole slot contacts the screw shaft. Also, verify that you have the following items: Yes—a single WebSTAR cable modem will support up to 31 Ethernet devices utilizing a user-supplied Ethernet hub that you can purchase at your local PC or office supply retailer. Do not crush, puncture, or use excessive force in handling the battery.

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Brave dude tries to use Windows 98 for his daily life, gets a big surprise – BGR

Follow the appropriate instructions in this section for your operating system. The system searches for the driver file for your hardware device. Do not use unless instructed to do so by your cable or telephone service provider! Contact your cable service provider for instructions.

Grounding This equipment may be provided with a three-prong plug. Please see the Notices section of this document for a list of the Scientific-Atlanta trademarks used in this document. Epx2203 equipment must also be installed using an acceptable method of connection. Contact your cable service provider for more information if you are not currently subscribing to Internet service.


Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The power cord is the mains power supply dpx22203 device. Only use the power cord and the AC power adapter that are provided with your cable modem.

The Network and Dial-up Connections window opens.

Mainstream support ended on June winows, [2] Extended support ended on July 11, [2]. You may only use the firmware in the equipment in which it is provided.

Cleaning the Equipment Before cleaning this equipment, unplug it from the electrical outlet. Cleanup locations are extensible through Disk Cleanup handlers.

Continue installing the modem, using the other procedures in this guide.

Scientific Atlanta DPX2203, EPX2203 User Manual: How Do I Install Usb Drivers

The Hardware Installation window opens. If you purchase and install an Ethernet card, follow the installation instructions very carefully. Before You Begin, Continued Selecting a Location for Your Modem You should work with your cable telephony service provider to choose the best location for your cable modem.

If you are unsure of the type of surge protector to use, contact your cable service provider.

The Industry Canada formerly Canadian Department of Communications label dpx203 certified equipment. Check and Correct If your cable modem does not operate as expected, the following tips may help. Windows 98 Seconda Edizione conteneva anche una versione aggiornata del lettore multimediale Windows Media Player versione 6. Windows 98 Second Edition [Slovenian].


However, the cache parameters needed manual tuning as it degraded performance by consuming too much memory and not releasing it quickly enough, forcing paging to occur far too early.

For computers without an operating system and that do not support booting from optical drives, the Startup disk can be used to boot into MS-DOS and automatically start Windows 98 setup from the CD. This unit may contain an optional battery pack. Microsoft Windows Sistemi operativi Microsoft.

The last version of Internet Explorer that can be installed on 98 SE is 6. Screenshot of Windows 98, displaying its desktoptaskbarand channel bar. Molte build vennero distribuite o trapelarono, a partire dalla build del 15 dicembre fino a fpx2203 finale con Windows 98 Second Edition. Frequently Asked Questions Introduction This section provides answer to frequently asked questions about cable modem Internet service.

Install the Cable Modem Installation Diagram The following diagram illustrates one of the various connection options that are available to you.