Call me old fashioned, but I like the Double-barreled shotgun. I think the stealth mechanics are a bit broken in this game as I have been in the dark and taken a guard out with a silenced pistol and somehow still raise the alarm. Thanks for the advice. Pneumatic rifles with maximum pressure can kill almost all enemies with a single shot maybe two for demons. Crossbow Helsing conversion aimed in first person perspective. This creates many more playstyles and diversifies combat.

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Here’s a list of the differences observed with Original game with regards to obtaining the Helsing:.

What is the best gun in Metro 2033?

This can be a problem if the item falls out of reach, or if it penetrates an ammo pouch as picking up the ammo pouch first will cause the arrow to vanish. View More Photo Galleries. At sparta I changed my bastard for a Kalash and everything worked fine like usual. Helsinng keep it in the green.

All posts must be appropriately flaired Unflaired posts may be subject to removal 4. I love the VSV and Kalash However, you have helsnig be good moving Artyom around while you pressurize it again: Only pick up if you did not take the 4-barreled duplet.

I also go for a silenced but not scoped – fuck that oil VSV. But it really lies beyond the capabilities of human endeavor.


The Hellbreath is one of helsingg most powerful weapons in the Metro. The Volt Driver was overpowered indeed, but that makes me like it, not to dislike it.

Personally I am using the revolver, occasional bastard, hellsing. Make sure to have your shotgun in the first or third slot before leaving Church, as your second slot weapon will be replaced by the Flamethrower in the first part of the chapter. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Free weapon / Military Ammo saving guide – Survivor Hardcore – Redux

Discussion in ‘ Metro Forums ‘ started by andybecciFeb 4, Knife, Revolver, Automatic, Heavy, and Explosive. The helsing can kill librarians with one or two voly, provided you aim for the head, and a vsv can help mop up. I do not use any rifle ammo weapon till the end,and by then refill is free and im using military grade ammo anyway Health: Ranger mode so I only get two weapons.

Weapons of Metro Hepsing a new link. It is still an instant kill on any humans, except for the heavily armored Reds during levels like Depot. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Heavy automatic shotgun, or volt driver? – Metro Message Board for Xbox – GameFAQs

Yeah, that is mentioned by Melnik when entering the part where one of the rangers is attacked by a demon. Keep me logged in on this device. Despite this, I actually don’t think it was overpowered, concidering how much ammunition it swallowed and spit oe compared with its power.


It is only visible to you. When you reach the shop at the very end of the level, sell the hellsing and the revolver parts, or if you opted for the shambler, i would recommend exchanging the IR scope for a reflex sight and adding a laser too, although this can also be done at polis. I just used the AK 47 and funneled them into a tunnel The Hellbreath has 2 distinctive, boxy prongs on the front of the gun – each of these contains a full set of magnetic strips, tentatively called “rails”.

Conservation of ammo is a must and every shot counts.

I do like me some stealth, but every time I fired my slient revolver in past lets plays I was picked up instantly.

Thus it is possible to carry two or three weapons of the same type, which you cannot in Metro Jul 15, Messages: