File system da 4,0 GB”, so I can use it to transfer files none usb connection with android -with android: That worked for me. I just did this and it connected right up. I was thinking about to create a patch for Ubuntu or maybe better a seperate package with the android udev rules, so those rules don’t mess with people who don’t have Android devices or simply they don’t want it. There’s also the fact that this bug is not about making it possible to use adb with G1 phones but rather make it possible to use adb with any android phone.

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Bug # “rule to enable use of android’s adb” : Bugs : udev package : Ubuntu

Also, I doubt that raw device access is of much use on phones which do not have the ADB equivalent. Everything works fine in Windows Vista 32bit, although the device serial number shows up as a question mark.

I thought we might want some indirection there because there is more than one device and the list will grow, but if you think it’s OK to put it directly into acl. Mini Optical Mouse Bus Device Duplicates of this bug Bug So for now I’ll just put back the G1 rule. Please note that HTC makes many other USB devices as well, so the rules which apply a permission change based only on idVendor are not a general solution.


Based on my new and very basic understanding of access control in HAL, the two patches above should cause the active session to have access to the device node for a connected G1 phone. OnePlus 6T mod lets you customize the fingerprint scanner icon [Root] December 26, Clinton said he got this working, in http: Please don’t patch the Ubuntu udev package, instead submit the patch to udev upstream and it will be included when we update.

Perla, the problem is probably not in your udev rule. No luck using adb to get a shell on my phone. Bus Device Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Cyril Jaquier cyril-jaquier wrote on Anyway I marked back to Confirmed before because the package released din’t fix this bug.

ADB device not found

Not much documentation 00c02 but would this rule fit there? At least for the Google’s ones, like the Nexus One which is pretty extended I think: However, if I start the ADB server as root, it works.

It’s not present on natty’s media-player-info. That worked for me.

ADB device not found | HTC Vogue: Touch CDMA

Anyway, try making sure Eclipse is running when you try to connect via adb. It was fixed just for a single phone’s model and the Description asking about a more generic solution.


Scott James Remnant Canonical canonical-scott wrote on At least for the Google’s ones, like the Nexus One which is pretty extended I think:. Juanje’s approach of allowing access to all devices from a large set of vendors would also allow users raw 0bg4 to e.

Mine T-Mobile G1 is: Thread Deleted Email Thread.

Generally speaking, adb doesn’t allow you to brick your phone. I’ve already post a branch with the patch here, in my mail to upstream: This requires us to reshuffle the media-player-info rules a bit, but this should be feasible.

The code on the Ubuntu’s package is not fully compatible with the last upstream’s code and this patch so I’ve made also a patch for the Ubuntu’s 00bb4 code at the branch: Juanje Ojeda juanje wrote on My environments are Debian sid 2.

Sorry for the inconveniences.