Infact, i’ll recheck everything If you think its freezing when loading storage drives However my post screen only shows the CPU in the list before it hangs picture in my original post shows the furthest i can get. Here are some links including newer BIOS: Ideally i’m gonna be putting in a decent GPU if i can get it stable Thanks! As a final update here.

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You also cant get into the bios? Did you allready check any usb ports on physical damage? I’ll look to obtaining a single stick of either of the following from the QVL to put in to see. I’ll just make myself a new desktop. IdahoFella21May 27, Would you use Snapchat filters on your dog?

I dont want to go out and keep spending money on this side project when the whole idea was “Cool! Look for that string. Could it be that this motherboard is just insanely picky with its ram?

Because wenn a ram stick doesnt work, then you mostly wont get a post screen.

Intel i845/i845E with Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG chipset motherboard based Award BIOS IDs

And understand that if you do it incorrectly, it’s very possible that the board will never boot up again. Or an io issue.


I thank you all for your advise and assistance in this matter! Techie7 – Free Technical Help. Award has this utility to for BIOS upgrades: Maybe the above site biosagent will find something for you. It just stays stuck on that screen until i yank the power cable.

Main things left io, or storage drives. I was going to give it to a friend to game on but some games developed odd issues or crashed with access violation errors which persisted with multiple reinstalls, component swaps.

I’ll find a spare empty HDD to plug in.

AphJNMay 26, How do I verify it. Seems you have already tried most things. After using every method possible for jumping the dual bios into action, I managed to restore the onboard VGA.

Any yellow question marks or exclamation marks next to USB controllers. I got the manuels to download.

Ive tried different ram, different configurations, no GPU then no video as onboard vga port also not workingremove cmos battery, manually reset cmos, use that jumper to reset cmos I cant find any liek lables If you really insist on updating the BIOS there should also v600pg a BIOS update application that you can download with the necessary files to do the update.


The information on Computing.

How to update Award Modular BIOS v?

Your name or email address: YEah vios charge 75 dollars for a modylar update that they will email to you. It is the motherboard manufacturers designation that you should be looking out. Well if you have tried all those ram sticks, and still same issues. Then it loads the bios splash screen and hangs after showing a line with my processor details ONCE and only ONCR, did it show the bios intro screen, then it went to a black screen and nothing happened. Yes No I don’t have a dog. Over a Month Ago Time Zone: