The card and all cables are put into bags. The bundle, 5-year warranty, increased frequencies Power through games at record speeds and charge through game maps with vividly realistic, sun-up to sun-down HDR lighting effects while steering clear of mind-blowing physics effects such as explosions, fire, and smoke. The card itself is placed in a rigid compartment in two packets, so it’s protected from damages in transit. On the whole, the G92 copes very well with vertex texture fetch tests. Got one to sell?

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The head of the Moscow office visited a gym for two years, when he learnt about the boxes for their video cards On the whole, all the three cards were stable, we had no gripes with their operation.

Or the point is in optimizations for many textures.


BFG Tech has made the surprise announcement that it is to leave the graphics card market completely. Buying Format see all.

However, in this case we actually examined the same reference card twice. It’s even outperformed by the GTS in the Low mode.

BFG Tech GeForce GTS OC MB |

Here is our main conclusion on geometry 800 – even though different geometry nviria may yield different results, the GeForce GTS MB always demonstrates very geforcce results and always outperforms its competitors.


But the difference between graphics cards based on the G92 and the G80 has grown wider – perhaps memory bandwidth is even more important here. As the ALU load grows, the situation changes to the good of the G The latter is reinforced with some power elements, which are not soldered in the former card. Includes 6-Pin Power Splitter. So you should understand that you’ll have to learn 3D graphics basics in order to get maximum performance from a new video card.

I guess, you can use RT to accelerate the fan a little, without breaking the silence, but the core temperature will drop. It can be explained with the increased frequency as well as faster bilinear texture fetches. So we can establish a fact that only the fastest accelerator nvicia MSI among our contenders managed to become an absolute winner.

They are evidently limited not by peak performance of unified processors, but by other units, e. The next couple of pixel shader tests contains a minimum number of texture lookups to reduce the effect of TMUs on performance. Pulled from a good working system.

Let’s analyze the easy mode first:. Performance Mainstream Graphics Update. But why is the new card outperformed by the old GTS in a test with a single texture?

BFG GeForce 8800 GTS Overclocked (PCI-e, 640MB)

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. It animates a system of particles using a GPU, a geometry shader creates four vertices from each particle.


It employs dynamic generation of geometry by rendering into two buffers, as well as a new Direct3D 10 feature – stream output.

The first pixel shader test will be the Fur test. A similar bundle, but the T-shirt is replaced with Company Of Heroes game.

Output is up to instancing. Arithmetic-intensive shaders work faster on all graphics cards, so it does not make sense to use texturing intensive shaders with modern GPUs.

BFG Launches 512MB 8800 GTS

February has come and brought snow and frosts to Moscow As you change the options, the stock status will automatically update depending on your selection. OK, now we can see the difference gefforce all participants of the tests. Not Specified by Manufacturer. Sapphire decided that it wasn’t happy with the Radeon HD ‘s standard cooler and decided to make something better. All of our item had been tested, and went a rigorous examination.