The IR icon should turn bright when you press buttons on the remote. There are many useful options for your convenience. When you stop recording, ComproPVR prompts you to name the file containing the recorded video. Close ComproPVR and even shutdown the computer with full function remote control keypad. Type the event name. Enter text from picture: A major difference, however, is that ComproPVR is simultaneously recording live television.

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Delete an existing recording event. Note Not all products support remote function. There are 12 and 16 options available for the number of channel surfing.

The Compro remote control cannot be reprogrammed to control other appliances such as your VCR or satellite decoder box. The schedule can be set for a one-time or a recurring session. Many issues may be solved on the newer version. Choose the audio bit rate you like here.

Compro Technology U Tiny USB TV Box

Power Up will start your computer 5 minutes in advance of the scheduled time. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting steps If you have problem installing compdo running VideoMate U, please check the following by step: You can mute or un-mute the sound of slave window at any time. File Split Size Checking this box will enable the automatic splitting of the recording file to the size you want. For more information, please check our FAQ on the www.


You can also manually install it by inserting the installation CD.

There are two ways to set the schedule. The Time Monitoring bar informs you of how much of the timeshifting buffer is in use You can also use your mouse to drag the Time Control Shuttle to jump to a specific time in the program.

Compro U/U USB drivers

And make sure as few cable as possible crossing the IR receiver. To playback the recorded file, press the Play button and select the file you wish to view.

You can rescan the channels at any time by pressing the Autoscan button. This option is available only if your hardware supports Power Up Scheduling. Enter compri name and press OK. Remote Control Key Definition and Use Please refer to the buttons and their corresponding function listed on the opposite page.

If you don’t have ComproRemote on the system tray, start the following program: Please unplug it and plug it again. Please check the description on the product box. It specifies lines of display at 30 frames per second. Change Password Click on the Password button.


Compro Technology U900 Tiny USB 2.0 TV Box

During playback, the display area of the control panel provides information about currently playing program and provides playback control functions. There are many useful options for your convenience.

You must select the proper Video and Audio devices for correct operation. Please double-click on slave window to switch program with main window in order to do so. Thumbnail images will begin to appear in the display window.

Compro U900/U880 USB 2.0 Drivers

Also you can press the mouse right button and move on the screen to shift the zone area of the image. Press button to activate Teletext functions. Pros of this standard – low sensitivity to distortion, high stability information about shade.

The appropriate quality depends on the quality of the source material, e. Same as operate ccompro normal TV set. Create a new scheduled recording event.